Become a more effective leader and unleash the greatness in your school.

The Leader in Me Principal’s Academy brings FranklinCovey’s premier leadership training to school leaders across North America. The inspiring and rigorous learning sessions challenge principals to adopt a leadership paradigm of release, not control. The various workshops focus on practical skills and tools administrators can take back to their schools, enabling them to become truly great leaders and take their schools’ performance to the next level.

"To my principal friends… Just like Leader in Me, it is a paradigm shift of how to perceive yourself as a leader and how you lead others. The process in the Principals' Academy is very strategic In taking you through steps to unveil who you are as a leader and at that moment you'll begin to experience growth, but only if you are willing to truly be reflective about yourself as a person and as a leader. It also allows you to have a better understanding of who you lead and work through some of the struggles and barriers of dealing with personnel ...actually all stakeholders."
-Debbie Fletcher, Principal

Workshop Details

The 4 Roles of Great Leaders

During the 2015-16 The Leader in Me Principal’s Academy participants will leave with a concrete and tailored action plan to implement the 4 Roles of Great Leaders™.


Modeling inspires trust. Great leaders are examples of character and competence. They know that leadership begins from the inside out. They do not expect things from others that they do not model themselves. Role 1, Modeling, is the foundation for everything that follows.


Pathfinding creates order without demanding it. Great leaders look ahead. They build a shared vision and strategy that engages staff, students, and stakeholders. Role 2, Pathfinding, provides direction for everything that follows.


Aligning supports the vision. Great leaders align the school’s systems to the vision so that it can be achieved. They ensure that systems are facilitating and not undermining the objectives. Role 3, Aligning, puts the vision and strategy into action.


Empowering unleashes human potential without external motivation. Great leaders empower others. They clear the path, provide feedback, and identify talents so that others can do their best work. Role 4, Empowering, is the fruit of the other three roles, as well as the deliberate effort to engage the full potential of people.